Literally translated, the well-known fashion term “Haute Couture” means “high sewing.” From dresses made of tulle, to delicately beaded tops, exclusively crafted couture clothing items are stunning works of art. While costly, these beautiful wardrobe additions are well worth the expense. Whether you have one rare piece or a walk-in closet full of designer items, proper care of couture clothing is crucial to maintaining their appearance for the long-term. Explore the top three reasons your specialty clothing pieces need Charleston couture cleaning.

You won’t risk damaging your couture clothing
Did you know that there are 19 unique care label instructions that are commonly placed on clothing items? In fact, the same piece often has more than one of these labels to ensure proper cleaning. However, overlooking just one of these care labels on a single occasion can do irreparable damage to your designer clothing items. Depending on the piece, this simple error could set you back $1,000s or even $10,000s.

Rather than risking damage to your favorite wardrobe items with DIY cleaning methods, getting professional Charleston couture cleaning is always a safe route. At Charleston Prestige Cleaners, we routinely care for pieces from designers such as Prada, Gucci, St. John, Chanel, and others. Our conscientious staff diligently follows the manufacturer’s care guidelines, and inspects each item before, during, and after the cleaning and finishing process.

You can request repairs or alterations
Caring for your designer clothing is about more than just removing stains. As part of the couture cleaning process, you can request expert repairs or alterations. This includes making your designer dress the perfect length, sewing on beads and buttons, and much more. Simply request this service when scheduling your next cleaning, and we will be happy to do everything we can to make your items look their best.

Your clothes will look brand new
Designer clothing always looks its best at the time of purchase. Oftentimes, after the first wear, invisible stains and wrinkles can cause couture pieces to look less than ideal. Our team strives to fix this common issue. All staff members are specifically trained to pay extra attention to delicate garments, including the trim and fabric. They also use specialty cleaning solvents and a careful attention to detail to remove every imperfection. The result is a right-off-the-rack look that cannot be replicated by home cleaning methods.

Ensure that your designer pieces always look as outstanding as possible by scheduling a Charleston couture cleaning with us. For service details and pricing, contact us by phone today at 843-779-0900.