Each year, roughly 60% of adults set at least one New Year’s resolution. As 2020 sits just around the corner, you may have already started to think about which goals you plan to achieve in the new year. Among the most popular resolutions that people set are home organization and cleaning goals. If so, it is crucial to not forget about your closet. Aside from stain prevention and proper garment care, how you store your clothing is essential to fabric longevity. Learn more about 4 effective tips for cleaning out your closet for the new year.

Deep clean your closet & dresser drawers
One of the biggest steps that many individuals skip when organizing their closets and dressers is to complete a deep clean. Why is this step so essential? Dirt, mold, and dust can quickly wreak havoc on much-loved tops, bottoms, dresses, suits, and the like. Before sorting through your items, remove all clothing from your closets and dressers. Dust and wipe down all shelves, wipe out all drawers, and vacuum or mop closet flooring. Be sure to also use this time to check your clothing storage areas for mold or excess moisture, as these issues can also cause significant damage to clothing.

Decide what items need to go
Almost everyone has items of clothing that no longer fit, are no longer in style, or that simply aren’t worn any longer. Prior to putting everything back into your closet, decide which items need to go. Having a difficult time letting your clothing go? A good rule is that if you’ve not worn something in the last year, you probably won’t wear it this year either. Once you’ve chosen the pieces that you no longer need, decide whether you’d like to sell the items or donate them.

See if any items are in need of cleaning
Even if you put away an item immediately after it has been cleaned, it can still accumulate dirt and odor over time. After deciding which items you plan to keep in your wardrobe, inspect them carefully for stains and odor. If you find that any need cleaning, be sure to follow the care guidelines on the tags of each piece. Also, do not wait to get these items cleaned. The longer stains and odors sit, the more challenging they become to remove.

Organize your items in a way that is best for you
At this stage, you’ve deep cleaned your closet and dresser, said ‘goodbye’ to clothing you no longer wear, and ensured that all items that you are keeping are in top shape. When you’re ready to organize your wardrobe, do so in a way that is best for you. Although there are many suggested methods of organizing your clothes, the ‘right’ way will ultimately be what makes sense to you. Whether you want to coordinate by color, style of item, or any other way, choose a method that fits your needs and preferences. While doing this, the only true rule to adhere to is to store each item in a way that will preserve the fabric for years to come.

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