With the change of the season just weeks away, spring cleaning projects will soon be in full swing. Two areas in which many individuals add to their cleaning to-do list is their closets and dressers. Keeping your wardrobe in top shape is important for multiple reasons, including both organization and the longevity of your clothing.

Before officially kicking off your spring wardrobe cleaning, check out five helpful tips for success:

Inspect all clothing in your wardrobe for stains/odors – Over the course of six months to a year (or however long it has been since you’ve cleaned out your wardrobe!), odors, stains, and other damage can easily occur. To help preserve your favorite items for the long run, inspect all clothing for any stains, odor, or damage. If you uncover any one of these, be sure to seek out proper cleaning and/or repair services as soon as possible.

Add a favorite fragrance to your closet/dresser drawers – Have a favorite perfume or essential oil? Make it a new habit to add these scents to your wardrobe and closet. Important tip: Do not put sprays, oils, etc. directly onto your clothing. Not only will the scent not last through the wash, but you also risk damaging your fabric. Instead, spray your closet carpet with the fragrance, or add a DIY scent booster to each of your drawers.

Clean all flooring, surfaces, and drawers – To prevent damage, staining, and odors on your clothing in the future, be sure to take this opportunity to clean all flooring and surfaces. This include all dresser drawers, the exterior of your dresser, closet flooring, and all closet shelves.

Check for excess moisture in your clothing storage: On occasion, places that you store your clothing can experience higher than normal moisture levels due to a variety of factors. If your closet has a musty smell, or if it feels more humid in your closet than other locations of your home, be sure to investigate the cause. Over time, excess moisture can cause your clothing to smell of mold. It may even result in damage to your clothing. That is why it is crucial to control the moisture level anywhere you store your clothing.

Sell or donate unused items – In addition to removing stains and preventing future damage, spring wardrobe cleaning is an excellent time to downsize. If you still own dresses, tops, bottoms, or any accessories that you haven’t worn in over a year (some exceptions apply), seriously consider either selling or donating these items to a good cause.

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