Did you know that many DIY stain removal remedies have actually been proven to make stains worse? Depending on the type of fabric you are wearing, as well as the type of spill, at-home stain removal techniques can turn your initial stain into an even more challenging problem. That is why it is always recommended that you rely on trusted local cleaning professionals to get rid of stains when you are unsure about the proper cleaning method.

However, the most ideal scenario is to not have any stains end up on your garments in the first place. Thankfully, there are some quick and easy steps you can use on a daily basis to prevent tough stains from ending up on your favorite pieces of clothing.

Put makeup on before dressing up: Whether getting ready for an event or a day at work, makeup can be the sneakiest source of hard-to-clean stains. Lipstick, foundation, and eyeliner are often the top culprits of blemishes that can wind up on your shirt or dress. Many times, these stains are not noticed until well after they occur. To prevent significant stains, put your makeup on prior to dressing up. Not only will you avoid being late due to having to change garments, but you will also prevent a stain that could be challenging to fully clean.

Wipe off excess makeup on your neck: Before getting dressed (after putting on your makeup), be sure to wipe off excess makeup from the neck area. This is especially important if you are wearing a shirt with a collar.

Check your glass or mug for leaks: One of the most frustrating ways in which damaging stains can occur is through the use of a leaky glass or mug. Even a few drops of coffee, wine, or tea can cause a highly noticeable mark on your shirt, dress, or pants. Prior to using any cups, be sure to inspect the lid and glass/mug for any signs of leakage.

Avoid eating or drinking food/beverage that can stain when wearing your favorite clothing items: If you are at an event or gathering in one of your favorite clothing items, the surest way to avoid stains is to avoid food and beverage that can do significant damage. While this isn’t always possible, it is recommended if you can do so. Consider eating before or after the gathering in a different outfit, or only consume items that will not cause a noticeable stain.

Skip eating/drinking while in the car: Whenever eating or drinking in the car, you run a high risk of spilling food and/or beverage on your clothing. Stop-and-go traffic, cupholders that toss your beverage around, and other factors can easily lead to disastrous spills. Rather than trying to eat your meal on-the-go, set aside a few minutes before you leave to enjoy your food. If you have no way of avoiding dining in your vehicle, consider wearing a cover up that will protect your clothing from spills, and that can easily be removed when you reach your destination.

Since spills are never 100% avoidable, our trusted local cleaning professionals are here to help when stains occur. Need something cleaned ASAP? Ask us about our express cleaning service today!