When looking for guidance on which items need to be taken into the dry cleaner, most people rely solely on care labels. Even if an item of bedding or clothing says “dry clean only,” some individuals attempt to clean these pieces on their own. However, even the most diligent can have their clothing or fabric items ruined. Reports have shown that due to a lack of required testing, garments can easily be labeled with incorrect care instructions. Aside from the pieces that you know need special treatment, learn more about three items you need to start dry cleaning in Charleston right away.

Men’s Health reports that the average suit now costs between $300 for a basic style, to $1,000+ for more custom, high-end looks. Although it may be tempting to try to machine wash or hand wash your suit jacket or pants at home, it is crucial to protect your investment. This is especially true if the care instruction tag says that dry cleaning is required. Due to the fabrics used (e.g. wool), washing a suit in water and laundry soap can cause it to shrink unevenly. What is even worse is that the inner lining of your suit can come apart, which can be incredibly expensive to repair. Rather than taking your chances at home, it is always safest to have both your suit pants and jacket cleaned with dry cleaning solvents.

Any item made with delicate fabric
Above and beyond almost any other kind of item, those with delicate fabrics must always be treated with extra care. This includes silk, chiffon, rayon (including viscose), polyamide, and others. Both hand washing and machine washing pieces made from these fabrics can have disastrous consequences. Depending on the exact type of material, you can experience issues such as extreme shrinking, expanding, or damage to the fabric itself. Also, since wedding dresses are always made from a combination of delicate fabrics and elements, it is extremely important to have gowns cleaned and preserved by experts.

All items with beading or sequins
Maintaining bedding, decorative pillow cases, and dresses with beading or sequins is enough of a challenge on a day-to-day basis. Without doing anything out of the ordinary, it isn’t uncommon for threads to come undone, which can cause a few beads or sequins to come loose. If you choose to wash these items by hand, you run an even greater risk of this happening. All conventional cleaning methods put your items with beading and sequins at a great risk of damage. If your item is a couture piece, the mistake could cost you hundreds to fix. Instead of taking the chance, bring these types of items to the dry cleaner so that they are cared for with the utmost expertise and diligence.

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