The average cost of a wedding dress currently sits at $1,631. When making such an important investment, it is crucial to create a plan to preserve your gown before and after your big day. Dirt, mold, food, and other contaminants can quickly stain your wedding dress any time after you’ve picked it up from your chosen bridal store. To keep your gown spotless before your wedding, and for generations to come, discover the dos and don’ts for caring for your bridal gown.

Do: Avoid storing your dress in a plastic bag
The idea that plastic bags are a good storage method for wedding gowns is a common myth among brides. While it is true that plastic bags can protect your dress from spills and dirt, they introduce other, little-known issues. Because they emit fumes, plastic bags can actually cause your gown to turn yellow. This risk increases the longer your dress is stored in plastic. Post-wedding, storing your gown in a shrink-wrapped plastic bag also introduces problems, as these bags trap moisture. Any amount of moisture on your gown can rapidly cause mildew to form. When storing your gown prior to your wedding, choosing a breathable wedding gown garment bag is ideal. After your wedding, the only way to ensure the longevity of your dress is by having professional wedding dress preservation.

Don’t: Store your gown where there is moisture and big temperature changes
Although your gown may be bulky and take up a significant amount of space, it is essential to store it in a safe spot. This means avoiding any places in your home or apartment that experience extreme changes in temperature or humidity. Both of these factors can cause major damage to your gown, including the build up of mildew.

Do: Consider how you’d like to use your dress in the future
Brides Magazine reports that “46% of brides preserve their wedding dress for their children or grandchildren.” Before storing your dress after the wedding, consider how you might use your dress in future years. Do you want to wear it for a 10 year anniversary photo session? Do you want to turn it into a pillow or other keepsake for your future children? Or do you want to preserve it so well that your daughter may wear it for her wedding? If you have any kind of long-term goals with your dress, it will be necessary to schedule an expert preservation service.

Do: Choose a specialist who will process your bridal gown on-site
When looking to have your wedding gown preserved in Charleston, it is best to have it processed on-site. Doing this allows you to speak with the specialists who will be directly handling your gown. This is especially helpful if you have concerns regarding your dress, specific stains, or if you have questions about the process itself. Our team works to carefully remove visible and hidden stains on your gown with gentle cleaning agents. In addition to this, we are the only Charleston area cleaner certified in wedding gown cleaning and preservation through the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists

Don’t: Forget to schedule your wedding gown preservation before your wedding day

The weeks before and after your wedding are a flurry of appointments, activities, thank-you note writing, and enjoying some of the best moments of your life. In the busyness of it all, it can be easy to forget to schedule your wedding gown preservation. To ensure that you protect your beautiful gown as best as possible, book your service prior to your wedding day. Doing this will help take another errand off of your list, and will guarantee that your bridal gown will look stunning for decades to come.

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